Gaza: ignorant extremes & the search for sanity

16 Jul

I’ve heard some really stupid things about what’s going on in Gaza. Everyone is entitled to their opinions: but no one is entitled to be ignorant and share that ignorance with the world. I read a couple of tweets from people saying “Hitler should’ve killed off all the Jews,” and comments along these lines. Then I’ve heard equally ignorant comments from people justifying what’s happening in Gaza as “Israel’s right to self-defence.”
I’m not going to get into trying to understand why people think their ignorance and hatefulness is justified because let’s be honest: that’s a waste of time.
For those arguing that Israel has a right to defend itself, here are a few things that are clearly not being considered:
1. The right to self-defence is given in the UN Charter, Article 51. Give it a read. Then read the Israeli Wall case to educate yourselves on international law:
2. Hamas was democratically elected whether the West likes it or not. If the West really is the champion of democracy, it should probably accept that inspite of how they feel about Hamas.
3. Hamas uses civilian areas to hide their ammunition because they can hardly construct a “military base” for all to see so that Israel destroys their only way of fighting back for their land. Let’s be clear: if there was no occupation, there’d be no Hamas firing rockets in the first place.
4. What Israel is doing in Gaza (as they did in 2008) is plain and simple: genocide. There’s a particular group (palestinians) being targeted. The number of civilian casualties clearly establishes that this is not a war against alleged ‘terrorists’ but the genocide of innocent Palestinian women and children.

And for those on the other extreme justifying/glorifying Hitler’s atrocities:
1. The Holocaust is not something to be taken lightly. And if you believe that Israel is carrying out massive atrocities, you cannot justify historic atrocities of a similar nature. Two wrongs do not make a right.
2. The reason the world is terrified to condemn Israel (apart from US might) instead of condemning what Israel is doing in Gaza is because of people like you who immediately bring up the Holocaust. What happened in the 20th century is condemnable: what’s happening now is equally condemnable.

And as far as the ceasefire negotiated by Egypt is concerned, let’s be clear on that too: Egypt’s border policies exacerbated the crisis in Gaza where medicines and hospitals are concerned. Egypt is not the democratically elected representative of the Palestinian people. Any ceasefire negotiated must involve Hamas. Any ceasefire that does not is a sham. Also, bear in mind that it’s very easy to paint yourself as the peace-loving victim after killing hundreds and thousands and then sitting down to negotiate a ceasefire.


3 Responses to “Gaza: ignorant extremes & the search for sanity”

  1. usman July 16, 2014 at 12:28 pm #

    Nice piece: Bottom line when condemn atrocities then it should apply to everyone and no one should be spared. This is biggest dilemma that we all care about in groups and give benefit of doubt if aggressor belongs to our in group

  2. maankhan77 July 16, 2014 at 1:03 pm #

    well there is no sufficient support for Gaza cause from Ummah , really our leaders and media has been sold and champions of humanity #US #Europe criminally still watching the blood-shad just like a game

  3. maankhan77 July 16, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

    Reblogged this on maankhan77 and commented:
    We can’t digest the reailty sometime and this is happening todays that most of all ignoring the core isuue of GAZA

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