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Musharraf and our Hypocrisy

3 Jan

Five words: Musharraf is not a coward. You can call him whatever you want but none of us have a right to call him a coward. I am neither his supporter nor am I advocating his defence. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy that pervades our society. On Twitter, we have Bilawal Bhutto calling Musharraf a coward, expressing his disgust at the fact that this man once wore the uniform of our Armed Forces. What I really want to tell Bilawal is that his mum once signed a deal with this man he’s calling a coward. I want to remind him of a time in Pakistan’s history when his daddy presented 200 fake medical certificates to avoid the courts. And then I want to hold open Bilawal’s eyes, which have been blinded by his arrogance, to show him where he lives: in a fort away from the people of Pakistan. He lives behind a wall. He gives speeches from behind bullet proof glass. Bilawal Bhutto, i’d say it takes a coward to know one.

We’re well aware that the Saudi Foreign Minister will be arriving on the 6th of this month (January). It all smells too familiar – after all the brave Sharif family also stayed… no wait, got that wrong. The Sharif family ran away to Saudi Arabia, didn’t they? I was still quite young then so I could be wrong but i’m fairly certain that’s how it went down. And now this family has the audacity to make remarks about Musharraf who came back of his own will to face the music. If that isn’t hypocrisy, I fail to understand the concept.

So before we go on, in all our fervour and excitement, bashing Musharraf and calling him a coward, let us introspect just a tiny bit. He may be a lot of things, but he isn’t a coward. And if we really want those who violate the Constitution to be punished, why focus entirely on a non-elected leader? Are we not a democratic country? Why are the Sharifs, Zardaris and Altaf Hussains of Pakistan allowed to roam free while we grab an ex-Army General and drag him through the mud. You want a fresh start for Pakistan where law and order is upheld? Observe Article 25 of the very Constitution you’re defending – all citizens are equal. If Musharraf goes on trial, so should the rest. In fact, since they’re “democratically elected,” i’d say they owe an even greater explanation to the people of this country.