Sunday Times – Blurring the Line between Class and Crass

23 Jun

The Sunday Times recently printed quite a huge picture of Dr. Shireen Mazari and compared her to Ursula from the Little Mermaid. When things are done in good humour, we can all laugh about them, even when the joke is at our expense. My grandfather always used to say that anyone who can’t laugh at themselves is a bore. But you know what my problem is with the Sunday Times printing this nonsense? When anything unfortunate happens with Taseer’s family, i was extremely vocal in my condemnation. Humanity entails that you respect other peoples’ sentiments despite political differences. So when Salman Taseer was brutally murdered, i wrote an entire piece of condemnation on it. I prayed for his family, that they would be given strength to cope with the nasty things people were saying about their father. People told me to let it be because their father had been a political figure. I had many disagreements with things Salman Taseer did and yet humanity compelled me to speak up against his wrongful assassination. His children deserved my prayers – they had just lost their father and were having to deal with terrible comments justifying his death. I truly felt for them. Hearing negative things about your parents is always hard.

Whenever people argue with my mother or attack her views on TV, Twitter, etc, i encourage such healthy debates and discussions. But to attack her physical appearance is simply a new low. I suppose i can’t blame those who produce such trash – after all, they are the sad lot in this country that think being skinny is more important than having a brain.

Yes, my mother isn’t skinny, and yes, she isn’t tall, and yes, she has green hair. But she isn’t a model. She’s a politician. So next time Sunday Magazine decides to attack her based on her physical appearance, i’d advise them to understand that she is a politician, NOT one of the air-headed, stick-figured producers of Sunday Magazine. Go ahead and criticize her views, oppose them vociferously but when a Magazine so widely read stoops this low, they’ve only displayed their own ignorance.She has 2 children; we’re not isolated from the world. We, too, have to hear abuse against our mother all the time, and we accept that this is a common occurrence because she is a political figure. But to make fun of the way my mother looks in a Magazine read by the residents of the city i LIVE in, is simply unacceptable and disgusting.


2 Responses to “Sunday Times – Blurring the Line between Class and Crass”

  1. Murad Jamali June 23, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

    Yeh baat bhi sahi hai:o

  2. salmanjkhan June 23, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    No Need to get offended or depressed Iman………for losers & sick minds like these, never forget Almighty ALLAH who happens to be the best adjudicator !!!

    They thought bad…….they should get prepared for the WORSE!!!

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