Basic Project Outline – “Responsible Citizens”

25 May

Basic Proposal Outline: “Responsible Citizens”

This is based on the idea of suspended coffee and meals in the United Kingdom and Australia.

How does it work? Walk into any of the partnered restaurants or coffee shops and order as per usual. Whatever the price for any meal you choose, you can choose to order another one of that or any other for any price listed and tell the waiter your second order is “suspended.” This basically means that any person who cannot afford the meal or drink in question walks into the store and asks if there are any suspended coffees or meals available. Simple right?

Our idea is based on extending this principle to cater to the needs of Pakistani society. Instead of people walking in and asking for one meal or one drink, we’re taking this concept a step further to target a larger group of people.

How does our plan work? Taking into consideration the fact that a large proportion of our society does not have access to the same restaurants as the elite class, we’ve adapted the principle. You still pay for an extra meal which you say is suspended and that money goes into the ‘suspended box.’ At the end of every month, a group of our volunteers will collect the various amounts and buy ration for the various kachi abaadis in Islamabad. Till the point of collection, the restaurants are responsible and accountable for the safety of the box. Our volunteers will collect all the money and publicly declare the total via Social Media (for transparency purposes as well as a semi-progress report). This is only the first step in the project.

Once ration has been distributed over the course of one-two months, the money collected after this period will be utilized to assist those with lesser resources in setting up businesses and educating their children. This is the most important step in the project because it implements the long-term project goals of not only encouraging citizen participation and responsibility but ensuring empowerment of a neglected part of society.

We will be publishing details of each business that is set up, as well as each child that is provided education. In addition, our volunteers will be dedicating 4-6 hours a month monitoring the progress of each activity (be it business or education).

Let’s take responsibility for our society – giving one-off charity is wonderful but we need to ensure a consistent source of earning for people. If this project is received well and succeeds, its long-term objectives of providing self-employment and spreading education will greatly benefit our society.


2 Responses to “Basic Project Outline – “Responsible Citizens””

  1. Bilal May 25, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    That is indeed a good idea but how are you going to make sure that the “suspended” meals do remain suspended. A check and balance system has to be incorporated on the partner restaurants and cafes as well. People wont buy any suspended meals for the poor if they don’t trust and trust is quite hard to come buy especially in Pakistan. Partner restaurants can very easily pocket the charity money if they are not held accountable. Nevertheless, an excellent idea.

  2. sherryengr May 26, 2013 at 12:48 am #

    A great idea… are there any surveys available on the suspended amount available per month from a particular restaurant or a particular chain of restaurants or a particular community with a particular number of restaurants? What are we looking at….. how many poor people or slums are going to benefit… any projected values or numbers we are aiming at? What if the money is only used in educating people and building human resource…….?

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