A stupid remark too many

5 Mar

The US Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, has made US intentions, with regard to Pakistan, even clearer for those who needed a wake-up call. By stating that Pakistan should go through with the TAPI Pipeline Project Deal, Olson has proved not only that the US feels they are entitled to dictate our domestic affairs (as they have always done), but that they also have the authority to decide what countries Pakistan should pursue a more active foreign policy with. This clarifies another crucial point: Pakistan and the United States cannot call themselves strategic allies, with such differing views as to what is required in the region. While the US wants to build up a strong India to counter Chinese and Iranian influence in the region, it is in Pakistan’s best interests to pursue a friendship with the latter countries, which have always supported Pakistan, not just in monetary terms.

To even suggest that Pakistan should engage in the TAPI Pipeline Project shows US ignorance of our historical ties with Afghanistan and India. Afghanistan was the only Muslim country to vote against Pakistan’s admission into the United Nations. Despite this hostility, when the US waged war on their country, Pakistan took in thousands of Afghani refugees, with open arms. Their refugees then went on to be the root of the terrorism problem in Pakistan, which Karzai conveniently forgets when he makes statements regarding Pakistan’s “terrorism problem.” Meanwhile, India has been opening fire left, right and center on innocent Pakistani soldiers on the Line of Control, in addition to accusing us of supporting terrorists, conveniently forgetting Samjhota Express. Considering all this and more, I don’t understand how it’s possible for a supposed educated diplomat (who I’m sure is aware of these historical facts) to make such a ludicrous statement. What Olson forgets is that, while the US may exert ‘sufficient’ control over the ruling elite of Pakistan, they’re really pushing their luck with the rest of us. They bomb our Northern Areas and wonder why people want to enact revenge against the United States. They violate our sovereignty on a daily basis and wonder why there is widespread anti-American sentiment in Pakistan. You’d think they’d learn from Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and the numerous other countries in the world where they’ve already made these mistakes, but they never seem to learn.

The US threat of sanctions if we go through with the Pipeline Project shouldn’t be viewed as a reason not to go through with the project. It should be seen as an additional incentive to strengthen ties with Iran, so we can finally distance ourselves from the country that has exploited us for much longer than a decade now.


One Response to “A stupid remark too many”

  1. Syed Ammar Faheem March 5, 2013 at 7:52 pm #

    Appreciate that you’ve taken this up. Insensitivity at best. India pulled out of the original “Iran-Pak-India” gas pipeline project only when the USA offered them their fancy Civil Nuclear Energy deal.

    When Pakistan put forth the same demand, it was met with a rude refusal that continues to this day. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. They want us to back out of the Iran-Pak project while providing us no short term alternative either. The TAPI project will take several years to complete.

    It is all plan of a strategic, long term, plan choke Pakistan economically.

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