Response to Saeed Khalid’s News Piece

27 Sep

This article is in response to Saeed Khalid’s opinion piece (“As the Tsunami Passes) published in The News on 27th September. Having just left PTI, i concede to the fact that i have a series of differences with the emerging new ideology PTI is adopting. However, within this opinion piece by Mr. Khalid, a certain existing mindset is manifested. This is the kind of mindset that PTI had originally opposed – the ideological stance that the party had stood for was affirmed for the last 15 years (not including this year which is the party’s 16th year of existence). First and foremost, for Mr. Khalid to say that Khan should have joined an existing party comes as a strange sort of suggestion to me, as im sure it does to a large proportion of society who see Khan as a visionar leader representing change. What the status quo parties in Pakistan represent is a complete disregard for the masses, as is seen through blatant corruption. Moreover, parties like PML-N and PPP put on a facade for the public by which the former is what is, in most democracies, termed “an opposition,” but the minute they step foot into the parliament, any principles they claim to stand for disappear to ensure they remain in government in Punjab. It is this self-interest of these political parties that made PTI stand out for its principles. Therefore, to even suggest to Khan to have “tested the waters” by joining political parties with only self-interest at heart seems a little ridiculous.
On a second level, PTI’s decision to boycott the by-elections is criticized by Mr. Khalid. This, again, was a principled stance taken by the party that seemed to give the impression to all (be it false now) that a cheap shot at power was not necessary. Building up this sort of hope and desire for change through clean electoral politics is a decision that Khan and his party took which still represents the old party ideology. Thirdly, to suggest that a division be made between the electoral bunch and the think tank bunch is just absurd. Intra-party elections will hopefully filter out those electables who have consistently party-hopped, and who may be financially clean, but nonetheless, self-serving. This entire mindset of needing “electables” is what must be completely eroded from the history of Pakistani electoral politics in order for a truly democratic and representative system to emerge.
Conclusively, i agree with the points made regarding the need to come into parliament – however, i don’t think that these seats should be occupied by those very individuals who are responsible for the condition our country is in, in the status quo. If Khan can ensure an equal playing field for intra-party elections and eradicate this “big money” culture (which has manifested itself via their recent actions), i pray for nothing but their success, as, at the end of the day, it is the only party that is yet untried.


7 Responses to “Response to Saeed Khalid’s News Piece”

  1. JustPTI September 27, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    A good gesture but now take some time off please. Imran Khan said today you guys will come back and Imran has big heart, I hope you show the same warmth. However, people in media p will criticise you and label you and it might provoke many. Just stay calm and go with the flow šŸ™‚

    • bangwae September 27, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

      as they say here ‘ who gives a monkey’s what these Mazaris have to say

  2. aftab hussain September 28, 2012 at 12:54 am #

    I think both Imaan and Shereen Mazari are still ideological supporters of PTI. I respect them and pray they would come back and join PTI. We respect them.
    Dr. Aftab

  3. umar Iqbal September 28, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    I still believe all the bad language been used against you was not actually PTI members. I have some friends from Lahore who know some people been giving task by noon league local MNA’S and MPA’S to make ID’S from PTI and stick Imran Khan’s Picture on their profile and just abuse whoever criticize PTI. So please calm down and think about broader perspective. Nice words today. Hats off.

  4. Javed Iqbal September 30, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Still PTI is a symbol of hope for people of Pakistan they have the capability and urge to bring a most awaited change though they need to convert their young followers into a well disciplined visionary force

  5. Mastah October 2, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    It is a huge insult to a high calibre party like PTI that Shireen Mazari and Imaan were ever a part of it. I feel it is unjust for a party like PTI to have given the mother and daughter such great access to all the leaders. Imaan Mazari and Shireen Mazari seem to be the politicians who use Political Parties to only come into power and misuse power. Why do i say so? That is because if these two women had any self respect or character they would never leave a party and bring out internal problems to the pubic. It’s like accepting a religion, then leaving it and making a mockery out of the religion for the lamest excuses possible. If Shireen and Imaan had any respect for someone like Imran khan they would just issue a statement “We have left PTI due to our differences with PTI’s present ideology” This statement would be enough to support their resignation and would not malign or decrease PTI’s popularity. Any damage caused to PTI is damage caused to Pakistan. If not PTI then WHO? I challenge the mother and daughter to name a party that we can vote for to bring the long awaited change? Can they name any party? For the sake of argument if I agree with Shireen’s opinion of PTI then I will most likely go and vote for PPP or PML-n . Both these parties are the biggest frauds who have looted the country time and again. Shireen and her daughter should be tried for Treason since these 2 have greatly tarnished the image of PTI – Our only hope for change. Even if it is not the party that once was – It is the ONLY party that has not been tested. No one should judge someone without performance. What are you judging PTI on? What are your stupid and futile opinions based on? Was there any performance of PTI that you could judge? No there wasnt Imaan Mazari because PTI has not yet performed or come into power. You have greatly damaged the vote bank of PTI and people will remember this. However, no one is against you or no one will ever abuse you. Those people who did were clearly not from PTI. It was a very immature move to say those people who called you a “prostitute” were from PTI. What proof do you have they were from PTI? Just coz someone on the internet says im from PTI , you label PTI as calling you Prostitute? This is absurd and so immature Imaan. Please issue a Public Apology for all the damage you’ve done.

  6. Raheel Adnan October 5, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    ” … at the end of the day, it is the only party that is yet untried.”

    Frankly speaking, our political-self has been raped so many times that hoping for tangible love seems an imprudent dream.

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