Open Letter to Bilal Khar

27 Mar

Mr. Khar, 

I’ve heard about you on several occasions. Usually, I’d hear of the influence your family has in Pakistan. However, don’t you think its a tragedy that this influence is exactly what has protected you from the punishment you deserve? Clearly, you have some serious self-esteem issues, what with you disfiguring your late wife with acid and all. One would think you felt man enough without having to resort to such perverse means of making yourself feel better. 

So what now? You may ask why I’m wasting my time writing to someone like you. The answer is three-pronged. On a first level, I want you to truly repent for what you have done and the pain you have caused. The acid you used to attack Fakhra Yunus with burns the hearts of every Pakistani. The way you caused Fakhra’s death only proves that some human beings really are depraved. Secondly, I want you to realize that this “influence” your sick family exerts in Pakistan is in no way an impediment to the course of justice when we all stand united against you. How many police reports can you quell? How many people can you bribe? Even money can’t get you out of this one – you deserve to rot in jail for the rest of your life. Lastly, but most importantly, this letter is directed to men exactly like you; sick and cowardly, in nature. If it takes destroying a woman’s life to make yours worth living, I really don’t see much value in your existence. 

May the justice system deal with you, not only on the grounds of perversion and interference in the course of justice, but also on the grounds that you committed torture and murder. Fakhra Yunus’ death was a cause of your actions and that innocent woman’s blood is on your cowardly hands! 

Imaan Hazir Mazari 


One Response to “Open Letter to Bilal Khar”

  1. riatarded March 28, 2012 at 12:13 am #

    Very well written Imaan. I hope he will be punished soon. The whole situation is screwed up, I don’t understand why the hell he hasn’t been punished yet. Oh that’s right… Money makes the world go round.

    Also, I don’t think he will repent it. The man doesn’t have a conscience.

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